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Munay-Ki sixth initiation: The Wisdom Keeper's Rite

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The wisdom of this lineage is not in collecting information in our heads like a computer. The Wisdom Keeper knows how to dialogue with nature and in his heart understands the energy that drives the cycles and rhythms of nature. They help us heal our relationship with the masculine principle.

The Wisdom Keepers are known for their ability to summon lightning and their intimate connection with the mountains. The Wisdom Keepers know how to receive messages from the mountains because they are able to maintain dialogue with them. When we connect with mountains, we connect with much larger cycles of life. The more wisdom of the mountains we receive, the more opportunities we have to live in even greater connection with the wider web of life, with which comes greater responsibility. When we are connected to the mountains, we are closer to the messages from heaven, from the times to come. We convey these messages to our communities. We don't have to be physically on top of the mountain. When we are connected, we feel as if something is transporting us to the top where we can whisper with the Great Spirit. Then we transmit those messages to everyone. We know in our hearts what responsibilities we want to take on once we receive these messages and this wisdom, once we are able to see beyond ourselves. The more we receive, the more able we become to respond to the needs of the world. The more we respond to these needs, the more our heart opens and we receive more. It means being in the flow of life. We expand consciousness, the ability to see, the ability to feel. We connect with the Spirit of the mountain by giving an offering. After that, we establish communication with the Wisdom Keepers who live in the high mountains and ask them questions like - What do I need to learn in my life? What gifts can I offer the world? What can I do to nurture our relationship? What do you need from me? What are you giving me? What is this medicine that you allow me to learn from? How can I embody that medicine? What can I do to nurture the seed of the Wisdom Keepers?

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