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Munay-Ki seventh initiation: Earth Keeper's Rite

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Earth Keepers are women and men who have a true and broad vision of the meaning of life on Earth. They do not manage a large number of theories and scientific data about the evolution of the species, but look at life through the perspective of the consciousness of the Sun and the stars that illuminate us. The Earth Keeper is the one who remembers how to talk to the Earth as a living being, to everything that exists on it.

Earth Keeper has a view of the Earth from Space and can see it as a living being with heartbeat. (S)he also sees that the Earth is our Mother who enables us to have this experience embodied in a body that is intertwined with the elements that she provides for us - we are earth, water, fire, air, minerals. Earth Keepers can hear her voice, hear her needs and ensure that we remain in balance with all beings. (S)he sees the interconnectedness of absolutely everything that exists, sees with great clarity and feels with an open heart. Earth Keeper can connect with the heart and love of the Earth, with its cycles, days, seasons, with the rotation around the Sun, with the rotation in the solar system. To see the Earth like an astronaut from Space. Earth Keeper plants trees because (s)he thinks about the children who will be able to play under that tree, climb its branches and collect the fruits, or about the old man or woman who will sit in the shade of that same tree. We dedicate the tree to the community, we participate in helping to make the Earth cleaner and more beautiful, for all people, for all children, for all the elderly, for all plants and animals, for the next 7 generations.

What changes with this initiation is not what we do, but how we feel within ourselves. When we feel a great amount of love for the Earth, for all people and for everything we are connected to, we awaken the creativity within us and find more ways in which we can help the Earth and everyone without taking the burden of the world on our backs. We find ways to bring more beauty and harmony to the Earth. The more we embody what we long for, the more we become and embody peace, harmony and abundance, the more we spread it around us and send it out into the world. To be true Earth Keepers we must come to a state so much love like tall trees with a huge heart. Earth Keepers can guide us in our evolution as humanity because (s)he can deliver the messages of evolution to the community in a digestible way. (S)he moves away from ego and moves into the "we" sphere. She embodies a humble person who has no need to impress anyone with her positioning on the stage or with her own sense of importance. It is about a person who is very well grounded in humanity, knows how to live an ordinary human life, and at the same time recognizes the infinity of the Spirit. (S)he knows how to approach the Divine and see far in time and space. Has an exceptional power of vision and divination, and at the same time is very earthly, humble and grounded.

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