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Despatcho ceremony

Despatcho is an offering to Mother Earth. In it we program our love and gratitude for everything we have received and we ask for what we need, such as healing, harmony, health, abundance, peace, love,

It can be created just for one person and a specific situation, or for a whole group of people.


Ceremonies for youth

Image by Quinton Coetzee

Entering teenage years is commonly quite stressful, for children, as well as for their parents, and society in general. What everyone often misses is a higher sense of guidance and support through those turbulent times. Through this initiation, a young teenager receives a transmission to always have support and guidance on on their journey throughout life.

Girls receive the initiation at the age of 13, and boys at the age of 12.

Ceremony for manifesting abundance

Abundance is everywhere around us. Although we are sometimes not aware of it, there is an abundance of everything at our arm's length. Sometimes we need abundance of inner peace, or abundance of health, joy, celebration, sometimes abundance of finance. Everything we need is available to us in abundance. What we often need to learn is to ask for it, and to be generous with ourselves.

Photo by Marcela Velfl

Through this ceremony we program what we need in a specific time in our life. We always start from programing love. Because even if we have plenty of love, we can always have more. After that comes everything else.

Ceremony for transforming low frequency energies to high

Image by Mikita Yo

Low (hucha) and high (sami) energies are a part of the same creation. They were here before us, and they will continue existing here after us. Hucha energies lead us into disharmony, which often manifests as illness, confusion, different problems, (self)sabotage, lack of progress, etc. All hutcha energies can be transformed into Sami, to be informed by the highest frequencies of energy throughout life. In this way we liberate ourselves, transform and heal with ease.

All hutcha energies can be transformed into Sami. In this way we liberate ourselves, transform and heal with ease.

Couple blessing ceremony

Love partnersip is a relationsip between two people who are becoming one again. After some time, a couple might lose their spark, passion, joy, softness and will. Nothing last forever. That's why it is important to renew a relationship or a marriage with fresh energy, to discover new dimensions of the relationships while allowing parts of ourselves to die, for the relationship to be reborn and regenerated.

Through this ceremony we are asking from Mother Earth to bless the couple relationship with many gifts, for both people to manifest exactly what they need in the relationship, and to deepen their passion and discover new layers of their love.

Image by Annie Spratt

Uncoupling ceremony

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Relationships with former partners, family and business relationships can leave deep scars when broken. Once we give permission to someone and access to our body, emotions and thoughts, it is quite difficult to "withdraw" it, especially in sexual relationships. And the other person often continues having access to us although we don't want it.

All hard and difficult former relationships or currently difficult family relationships can be transformed, and we can withdraw all the permissions we have ever given to anyone - willingly or unwillingly. Then we can go our separate ways in peace without going back to the "old" ways, and continue in a new direction. Or the relationship continues transformed.

Ceremony for manifesting a partnership in love

Some legends say that what makes our planet unique in the Universe is the fact that we can experience that deep and powerful force of love through a partnership. It's not surprising then that relationships are our main focus throughout life. The older we get, the bigger our frustrations get if we don't manage to fulfill ourselves through a partnership in love. We can know ourselves, but we cannot see ourselves. We need a partner who will see us.

Image by Oziel Gómez

Through this ceremony we open up towards manifesting powerful and beautiful partnership in love with the help of allies from nature.

Wedding ceremony

Beyond-wedding ceremony.png

Wedding ceremony marks the moment of entering into a marriage in the presence and support of our loved ones, in an intimate atmosphere, in natural surroundings, with the blessings of ancestors and Mother Earth herself with the awareness that everything that exists is sacred. Marriage is a powerful vortex for the couple as well as for the community and it opens powerful portals of manifesting new life for everyone.

Wedding ceremony is designed in cooperation with the couple on the agreed location. It consists of different elements and it is adapted to the wishes and needs of the couple to be supportive in their new life together.

Birthday ceremony

A new dance around the Sun starts with our birthday when we get an opportunity to be reborn. To breathe in a new life for the first time. To go consciously through the portals our soul traveled through before our birth. As well as to activate portals we still need to go through to accomplish our mission and to transform anything no longer serves us. Until we arrive to the last portal when our soul leaves our physical temple and leaves everything behind, since all of it belongs to Mother Earth anyway.

Image by Robert Anderson

We can gift this ceremony to ourselves for every birthday, to renew ourselves and our commitment to life.

Soul retrieval ceremony

Image by Greg Rakozy

As long as we live this life, in this dimension, we can heal our physical, emotional and psychological temple. We need to call our soul back and liberate our spirit.

Our soul is multidimensional and can exist simultaneously in different times and spaces. However, it can be in highest service only where our physical body is. The cause of 99% of problems in our lives is caused by the fact parts of our soul exist in different dimensions, times and spaces. Parts of our soul "escape" somewhere safe due to a trauma, or stay in places where we experience something beautiful.

We need to call ourselves back for our soul and our lives to be whole. Sometimes we can do it ourselves, sometimes we need help and support. Which is exactly what you're getting through this ceremony.

Ceremonies for honoring cycles of the year

Solstices, equinoxes, planetary alignments, planting and harvesting are just some of many important days in a year when we can nurture reciprocity with Mother Earth in ceremony. 

Ceremonies are designed depending on the need and the day that wants to be celebrated.

Photo by Marcela Velfl

Ceremony for liberating souls of the deceased

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Our loved ones often die, but don't fully leave. Their souls often stay in this dimension and cause problems to us because they feed on our vitality. Also, there are many souls in our communities that got "stuck", often due to the circumstances of their death, but also due to the lack of ceremonies which would liberate their souls back to the divine origins. We can liberate all of our ancestors and other souls who got "stuck", at once, in one ceremony.

Liberation brings transformation, and transformation brings healing. For ourselves, for our families and for our communities. This is one of the ceremonies that is currently the most necessary on the planet.

Closing cycles ceremony

Experiences, behaviors, relationships, emotions, states and many other cycles repeat over and over again in our lifes, as well as in lives of our family and community because they never get a proper closing. We close personal, family and collective cycles which no longer serve us through this ceremony. Once we close them, those experiences have no longer any impact on us and don't trigger any reactions or emotions.

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Just one day after the ceremony, it feels like all of those cycles have never happened.

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