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BEYOND holds space for transformation

​BEYOND hold space for transformation of individuals as well as communities. To live fearlessly, connected to their Mission and their life's Calling authentically, able to adapt to the currents of life with great ease.

The path of transformation starts the moment we hear the Call to embark on the journey into the Unknown, and when we respond to it with a 'Yes'. It is a path of the courageous ones.

Beyond is based on the belief that we already carry within ourselves everything we need, we only need to remember it to be able to overcome the period of great changes and to become the sources of light in our communities.

Beyond calls for an authentic life with integrity and in harmony with all life around us, in reciprocity. It calls for surrendering, creating with beauty, and living with joy and compassion.

At Beyond we hold space for tasting the mystery, stepping into the unknown, embarking onto our own epic journey, saying 'YES' to the Call to be able to live and create wing-to -wing with the Spirit.

At Beyond we organize experiential ceremonies and learn through Munay-Ki initiations. We open up to the immense love and compassion for everything that is.

BEYOND logo stands for the knot of peace and reconciliation, the four directions, connection with the Mother Earth and multidimensionality of all life.

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Pristup u radu

Approach to work

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Learning through experience

Every experience is unique and different. Experience informs our perception and decisions. Through experience we return to our own center of wisdom and power and actively create our reality.

Holding space for transformation

Transformative experience happen in ceremony designed with a specific intention. Intention informs the ceremony and the whole process when both time and space become portals to extraordinary. 

Learning through connecting with the elements of nature

We are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. By connecting with the elements, we connect with ourselves. Nature is our key ally in learning and transformation.

A holistic approach

We work on several levels at the same time - physical, mental, spiritual and spiritual. All dimensions are intertwined and form one whole. The experience takes place at all levels simultaneously.

Insights into ancient cosmovision

Life unfolds according to certain laws and principles even if we are not aware of them. By becoming aware of them, we are more able to create a more favorable present and future for all.


Action is a key ingredient to any change. In order to act authentically, we need to embody concepts, ideas and everything we desire through practice. 

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About Marcela

BEYOND, founder

I believe that everything we need, we already carry within ourselves, we just need to remember it - both as individuals and as communities.


After going through various life transformations and initiations in different national and international environments, and turning my wounds into sources of wisdom and strength, I embarked on my own epic journey.


It is a journey into the unknown, into the mystery, into infinity. I let go of everything that no longer served me on that journey, and put myself in the service of Life. I am offering my vision, my heart and my actions for the well-being of everything that exists on Mother Earth.

I am dreaming of a world in which we create with each other in love and in reciprocity with nature. In which we live aware of all the gifts we have received and we pass on.  


I hold space for extraordinary experience on all levels through my service - physical, mental, soul and spiritual. I create sacred space for profound transformation through ceremonies, initiations and rituals.

I am a passionate dancer, a gardener, a Seed Keeper. an Earth Keeper, and an initiator of change.

I am a Mesa carrier of the ancient Inca lineage - Seven Rays of Sun, Rainbow Lineage from Chinchero, Peru. I was initiated through Puma Fredy Quispe Singona. I hold sacred ceremonial space for liberation, transformation and healing through ceremonies with the help and support of powerful allies.

I was initiated into Munay-Ki lineages through The Four Winds Society and teachers Marcela Lobos and Alberto Villoldo. I have transmitted Munay-Ki initiation more than 150 times and witnessed unbelievable and magical transformations of all the people who received them.

Before remembering my original mission in this life and stepping on this journey consciously, I was enriched by working in many national and international environments and teams in roles of an educator, an English teacher, a pedagogue, a systemic constellator, a non-formal learning coordinator and a project manager.

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