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Munay-Ki ninth initiation: Creator's Rite

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Taitanchis Rantis is the original name of this initiation and in translation means "to be equal to the Creator". To be equal to the Creator means to understand that we are not separate from the creative force that creates everything that exists on Earth, all beings, Space, Light, Stars. That we are the darkness that is deep in the Earth and holds the light in the Universe. And that we are elements found in the Earth and in nature.

In order to become equal to the Creator, we must understand that we are consciousness, that we are the space in which we can create and manifest. That we have everything we need and that it is within us. When we calm down, we can experience more of life and the world around us. Creator's Lineage invites us to calm our mind, that little "I" of ours that is tired, selfish, hungry, wants everything, is afraid. They call us to be calm. To bear witness, to feel the breadth of life so that we can let go of our daily burdens. When we connect with cycles that are greater than the cycle of the year, with the cycles of the planets and galaxies, our everyday problems become meaningless. At the level of the Creator's Lineage we begin to call all that exists inside ourselves (through inhale) and release all (through exhale). We become one with the river, with the winds, with the oceans, with the waves. Our breath is connected to the breath of other people. We become extremely rich people because our palette of colors becomes richer and richer to be able to color the world, to be able to dream it into being. We can also learn from nature where there is an infinite number of flowers that bloom every day around the world with extraordinary creativity. Life and nature are so creative and invite us to become Creators, to bathe in the elements, to be permeated by minerals, winds, water from the mountains, water from the ocean, rain. There are so many sources of inspiration. The light of our stars, comets. There is so much inspiration and energy that we can absorb. Let's allow ourselves to disappear so that we can experience the birth of a galaxy, disappearing into a black hole, so that we can experience the Universe from the perspective of being the Universe. I am the Universe. Being equal to the Creator means that all inspiration is within us, all desire, love, elements, everything is within us. And through this state of unity, we understand that creation is not only the birth of something new, but the nurturing of the existing and maintaining it over time until it matures and bears fruit. And then we can let it rot, decay, die and return to the earth, where it breaks down and turns into energy and fuel for new life.

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