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Munay-Ki first initiation: Healer's Rite

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The Healer's Rite connects us to the ancient lineages of Light Healers from the past and from the future who assist us in our personal transformation. The seeds of this lineage, which we receive in our hands, awaken in us the ability to heal by which we affect everything we touch.

In order to be of help to others, we must first learn on our own skin how to transform our wounds into sources of wisdom and compassion, on a very deep level. On the level where all words are useless.

This lineage invites us to embark on our own healing journey that leads us towards harmony and well-being.

The seed of this initiation fills our three centers - belly, heart and mind with pure light that informs us. It informs our belly, the center of manifestation, decision-making and right actions. It informs our heart, the center of pure love. It informs our mind and inner eye, the center of clarity.

The lineage of Healer warms up our heart, our mind, our belly and our hands. So that what we think, what we love, what we do and what we create is in alignment with our highest mission and the purpose of our soul. The seed of this lineage expands our body into pure light, allows it to become light. The lineage of Healers helps us to heal exactly what is most needed in order to awaken a new layer of personal medicine, that unique gift that we carry within ourselves, to nurture us and everything around us.

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