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Munay-Ki fifth initiation: Day Keeper's Rite

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This initiation connects us with the Lineage of women and men healers who bring health and harmony to the community by activating and nourishing their altars and maintaining reciprocity with Mother Earth through giving offerings. They pay respect and balance the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space with their prayers and intentions so that life can flow in harmony.

The Day Keeper's lineage brings awareness to the tender and receptive qualities of life, heals and strengthens our relationship with the feminine principle. We open ourselves to nurturing reciprocity with all the living world around ourselves and learn how to gift the Earth with love so that it continues to nurture us. We become part of the lineage with an awakened heart, vision and capacity for manifestation that contributes to all equally. The Day Keepers have that spiritual power that is greater than the Healer. With them we go beyond our own transformation process. We go beyond helping others to make ourselves feel better. The Healer Lineage helps us to remember our own healing path, to learn to maintain our own source of energy and light, to live healthy and abundantly. After that, we begin to open outward, embody the Day Keepers, and become sources of light in our communities so we can share our light with all we touch.

With this initiation we expand our awareness to our neighbors, communities, animals, plants, to everything visible and invisible. Now we see that the walls of our little lives are coming down, and that it is not all about me - about my healing, about my belts of power, about my sight. We understand that it is about everyone in the community because the well-being of the whole community is intertwined with individual well-being. And we realize that we cannot be selfish, and wish others well just so that they will be well for us. We begin to understand that we are not separate and that we are not so different from others. We are all bones and minerals. We have a body with nails and teeth that fall out as we age. We are all vulnerable. We have a body that "breaks down" with age. And at the same time, we also have that infinite nature that we recognize in ourselves and in others. The only difference is in who has more experience on the journey of life. The Day Keeper has a more awakened heart, a more awakened vision, and a more awakened capacity for manifestation that he does not use in a selfish way for more glory or to be at the top of the social pyramid. Day Keeper is recognized in the community and respected for her medicine, not because she positions herself that way.

(S)he is the one who greets the day and the morning light, notices the cycles of day and night and their qualities, sunsets, birds singing, the seasons.

Maintaining reciprocity through giving offerings and keeping an altar

The role of the Day Keeper is to nurture reciprocity with nature and the Earth, for all beginnings and for all endings. In this way, we express our gratitude for all that the Earth gives us. We pay deep respect to that Feminine Principle, that belly of the Earth where we can grow refreshment for the whole community. The Day Keeper tends the altars and makes gifts to Mother Earth intertwined with love and asks her to continue to nurture and nourish the entire community. The Day Keeper has the ability to be with nature, with the wind, with everything that exists, to truly listen and to know from that position what needs to be done to be more effective.

An altar implies a certain spatial arrangement of objects and/or that are significant for an individual or a community. It often contains various objects that represent important life lessons or wounds that a person has turned into sources of wisdom. Or it consists of subjects/symbols important for the whole community.

Personal altars bring us back to our own center - both as individuals and as communities. To connect with our own inner power. Although the same word 'altar' is used in a religious context and in the worship of external ideals, the meaning of the same word is significantly different in the context of the shamanism (ancient practices) which is the basis of Munay-Ki initiations and practices. Elements of shamanic altars usually symbolically represent different elements of nature, such as fire, water, air, earth, ether. They help us connect with our inner landscape, with our community, with nature, with the life force that permeates and moves everything. This type of natural altar is simple, accessible to everyone regardless of personal cultural or religious beliefs. Our personal altar becomes our window into the invisible world and all that lies beneath the surface and between the lines. And it reminds us that absolutely everything that exists is Sacred, we are not specific people, or places, or days. EVERYTHING.

Which medicine and teachings does this initiation offer?

With this initiation, we become more aware of our relationship with nature, with Mother Earth, and strive to be more aligned and in harmony. We begin to embody more health and awareness that we can be an example to others. We don't have to coax them or force them to heal or change. We begin to radiate health, contentment and joy. People become curious and come to us because we embody that oasis of awareness, love and knowledge of what is good for all. We become magnetic. We understand that we want our contribution to be positive in everything we do, for the whole world, for the community, for the Earth. We feel the need to return back to the Earth, to our Mother, and to show love.

We become more aware of the consequences of our actions and what we do. We start doing only those things that are useful for life as a whole. In this way, we embody the Day Keepers. Because these are not just beautiful thoughts and ideas or superficial love, but actions that become more important than words. The more the seeds of this lineage take root in us, the more we start gardening and planting flowers. Life flows through us with ease. We live in harmony with nature without too much effort. And we are starting to devote more and more of what we do to the well-being of the whole community. And we grow ourselves like plants, we are aware that we are humus, that we live in a body intertwined with elements, and that we are infinite beings at the same time.

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