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Wedding ceremonies

If your version of a wedding ceremony goes beyond existing cultural and religious frameworks, often tiresome and meaningless traditions that no one knows anymore why they are practiced, impressing your guests, etc. If it is much more important for you to enter into marriage through a meaningful ceremony in the presence of the loved ones who truly support you, in an intimate atmosphere that warms the soul, in a natural environment, with the blessing of the ancestors and Mother Earth herself, and with the awareness that everything that exists is sacred, Beyond version of the wedding ceremony is for you.

Each ceremony is unique because it is designed in collaboration with the couple and includes very important elements of community and nature. The foundation of the wedding ceremony are elements of ancient shamanic ceremonies adapted for today's needs with a futuristic perspective. The wedding ceremony itself lasts 2 hours, and the whole process of going through the marriage initiation includes both the preparation process before the ceremony, and the process of integrating this deeply transformative experience afterwards. All guests and numerous plant and animal allies from nature actively participate in the ceremony. It is culturally and religiously neutral and open to all people of different life choices and beliefs. After the ceremony, the couple celebrates their moment as they choose.

The key steps of the process

Image by Anna Kolosyuk


Preparation period

Before the ceremony itself, the couple goes through 5 preparatory meetings (online or live) during which we work on harmonizing different areas of the relationship, to enter the ceremony prepared, and go through the marriage initiation more consciously. We also communicate about the form of the ceremony itself and agree on how it will look like and where it will take place.



Ceremony lasting two hours happens according to a preplanned structure with agreed elements at a specific location in nature. A maximum of 50 guests can participate in the ceremony. The couple invites those people who are their support in life and who will continue to support them in the new life period.


After the ceremony

After the ceremony, integration, reorganization and adaptation of the person to the new "skin" and new role in life takes place. It is important for the community to welcome the newly married couple and recognize them in their new roles after going through the transformative experience of the ceremony. This is extremely important for successful integration into society.

And a few more important notes

This service does not include wedding organization service, but designing and leading the wedding ceremony itself, the initiation into marriage as a deeply transformative experience supported by the people the couple invites to witness their transition from one phase of life phase to another. The whole process is a collaborative creation process between me and the couple, with the goal to design a ceremony together according to the basic structure and elements of a ceremony. Each ceremony is unique because it reflects each individual couple, their life missions, their shared mission and a chosen location in nature. I also support the couple in the preparation process, as well as after, in the integration phase.

This type of ceremony is not a substitute for a wedding before a public notary, a priest or any other authority. It does not follow any ideology or set of beliefs. It is ideal for people who do not resonate with existing civil or religious ceremonies or come from different cultures / religions, and are aware of how important it is to consciously enter into marriage and mark that moment appropriately. It is suitable for people of different life choices, beliefs and cultures. It is in aligned with the nature and psychology of the human soul and mind, which need a ceremony to transform the emotions that rise to the surface during significant life changes.

The ceremony follows a certain form, but the final shape depends on the couple, the location, and the elements from nature used during the ceremony. Also, all guests actively participate in the ceremony. Wedding ceremony happens in so called sacred space - a space created with a certain intention with the support of elements from nature, the seven directions, various symbols, sounds and movements. A sacred space is a space where we realize that the sacred is within us and that absolutely everything around us is sacred. In addition to the guests who are physically present, we invite the energy of the ancestors as well as all the plant and animal allies to support the couple in a very important life initiation.

Getting married is an initiation. Initiation means beginning of something new. In order for something new to come into the world, and for a new phase of life to begin, we must let go of the old, we must allow it to die. In order to consciously go through all the stages of initiation, it is important to work with the emotions that come to the surface in the preparatory phase, during the ceremony and after the ceremony. Getting married is actually in its essence a process of dying, encountering death of a part of identity, status, way of life. Everything that dies in us turns into humus, into nutrients for new life, which begins to sprout once we sow a new seed in the place of what was there before.

Does this sound as something that resonates with you?

Book free consultations about any questions you might have about the ceremony or the entire process.

After a casual conversation about the needs, wishes and expectations of both sides, we decide whether we want to co-create. It is important that we choose each other consciously and cooperate with mutual respect, and that we are open to traveling into the unknown. to be able to create something new.

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