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Embody your soul's purpose

Remember your mission in this life and the unique gift you bring to Earth. Become a source of light in your community.

Respond to the call and live authentically. Transform the past, and start being informed by the future.

Say "YES" to who you are becoming.


Live fearlessly

Step into the unknown. Taste the mystery. Surrender to the experience. Free yourself from time. 

Embody your Calling and offer your gifts to your family and community. Create with beauty. Live with joy and compassion. 

Dare to take a first step.

Adapt to the currents of life
with ease

Learn how to be as close to the eye of the storm as possible where it is calmest to get through these times of great change. Learn the tools that can support you on your own epic journey.

Every day is a new opportunity to start something new.

Image by Ashley Batz


A journey of 10 ceremonies through which 10 initiation are received. They help us return to our natural state - physical and spiritual, and expand our awareness and perception of the world around us. They help us discover our gifts and our soul's purpose so that we can live authentically and in the service of all living beings.

Initiations are received in the form of energy seeds that everyone nurtures to grow into fruit-bearing plants.

Image by Marcela Velfl
Image by Abhishek Singh


Every day is the best day to be in ceremony. Every breath we take is a ceremony in perfect alignment with powerful cosmic forces. Ceremony is a process which unifies physical and spiritual, nurtures body and soul, and leaves deep imprints which cannot be described in words, they can only be experienced. It transforms, liberates and heals.

I offer ceremonies which originate from the Rainbow lineage of Chinchero, Peru. I am a mesa carrier of the Seven Rays lineage and I offer this work in the best possible service for the whole planet.

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Lauma, educator

Marcela is a companion with whom you open new doors. If it goes through your life, you will not be able to stay the same.


Rosa, Designer

Working with Marcela helped me reconnect with my authentic self and learn to trust my intuition.


Sara, Creator

Cooperation with Marcela was flowing, magical and healing for everyone present. I am grateful for the wonderful wisdom she is embodying.

"Everything is better when shared with others, including ourselves"

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