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Uterine Ritual

The Uterus Ritual is a circle in which we hold space for each other so that through the ceremony we can stand in the line of women who have freed themselves from pain and suffering and stepped into beauty, power and elegance. Men are welcome too.

The Uterine Ritual is part of the Munay-Ki opus of initiations in which it is possible to participate independently of others. It is conducted in the form of an experiential workshop in which we hold a space for women through the ceremony to:

  • get rid of pain and suffering

  • they step into beauty, power and elegance

  • discover their inner wild, sensual and erotic being

  • connect with the Universal and their own creative force

  • connect with the archetype of the Wild Woman Who Lives Life Realizing Her Creative Potentials

  • build a community of Guardians of the Wisdom of the Uterus


The ceremony serves equally for each participant individually, as well as for all women in our lives - mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues, as well as for Mother Earth.

Ceremonies are held once a month during the full moon. It is enough to attend once, but it is advisable to cherish the ritual for the next 13 months. It is possible to attend several ceremonies and receive initiation several times, as long as there is a need for it. Everyone chooses their pace based on their inner feeling. Each round lasts two to three hours.


Initiation can be received by all women - with a cycle, without a cycle, in menopause, without a uterus and girls who have not yet had their period.

The ritual came through Marcela Lobos of Four Winds as part of a training for Munay-Ki practitioners.

Men are also welcome in the circle although they cannot receive the initiation or pass it on. Men also come from their mother’s womb. With their presence, they witness the process and hold space to heal the pain and suffering that women carry in order to be able to pass on a new and different life.
  By their presence, men put themselves in the service of women, in the service of life.

Tropical Plant

What does it mean to become part of a line of women who have been freed from pain and suffering?

The Uterus Ritual is the seed we receive into the womb from a line of women who have been freed from pain and suffering. When we nurture this initiation, we gradually release pain and suffering from our womb - both physical and emotional, until our womb becomes a pure channel for creating and giving birth to new life.

  • This initiation does not make us special , nor does it make us better than others. We do not become members of an elite group of people either. On the contrary, we become uniquely irrelevant

  • We become part of a line of women who have greeted themselves with the role of sufferer and victim, with the need to mourn and pity or to speak to other women behind their backs and diminish their value

  • We become part of a line of women who respect themselves and all other women around them as well as men whose strength helps us to pave the way together to create and give birth to a new world.

  • By initiation we take responsibility for what we carry in our thoughts, in our heart and in our womb, for all beliefs, thoughts, stories and life decisions that cause us pain, sadness, anger and fear.

  • We release everything we no longer need to make room to embrace freedom, joy, compassion and peace, and to give birth to a new life

  • By receiving and passing on this initiation, we also contribute to the healing of the feminine principle in our communities as well as the relationship with Mother Earth.

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