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Uncoupling ceremonies & relationship transformation

Intimate and partner relationships are frequently types of relationships that are very difficult to break on energetic level even if two people break up or divorce on the physical and emotional level. As long as those two people have access to each others energy fields, it is very difficult, even impossible to end a relationship on physical, emotional and mental levels. Consequently, partners frequently return to each other, then break up again, and again. Putting both of them into an endless unhealthy relationship.

We gain access to someone energetic field either through biological connection with family members, or through a sexual relationship. Although we can speak of family connections along the same lines, this text focuses on partners relationships established through sexual connection.

There is a growing belief in our modern society that a sexual connection is not a relationship or a partnership, and consequently two people have no responsibilities to each other. However, most people are not aware that when we get into a sexual relationship with someone, we establish a permanent, life-long energetic connection. And as much as we tried, we cannot change that fact. We feel what is happening in lives of all of our past and current sexual partners without being aware of it. We take on physical and emotional process of other people on ourselves, as do they ours.

Through a sexual act, we unconsciously give permission to the other person as well as full access to our energetic field, our emotions, our psychological processes and our physical body. Even when we physically break up, our emotions keep on boiling, our mind continues processing that person even if they are completely destructive to our well-being. And many times we renew the physical contact due to our physical or emotional longings, and the relationship continues despite our awareness how destructive a specific relationship is for us.

Due to this repetitive pattern, as a civilization, we got stuck in the endless loop of dissatisfaction in relationships. It seems that it is becoming more and more difficult to establish a new and quality relationship. However, if we become aware that our past partners still have access to out energy field, and still "feed" on us, as well do we on them, it does not surprise that most people cannot start and maintain a healthy and supportive relationship.

There are many processes and ways how we are trying to help ourselves, from therapy and counseling, to cutting ties on energetic level. However, we still get stuck in a similar pattern with other people. Is there even a solution to these types of situations that bother most of the modern society?

I don't know if there is a on-size-fits-all solution, but I do know that our former partnerships and other intimate relationships can be transformed, and we can withdraw all the permissions we had unconsciously given to the other people. In that way, we liberate ourselves from the presence of that person or people in our energetic field and we heal that part of ourselves that experienced that hard process.

Uncoupling ceremonies

An Uncoupling ceremony is a simple ceremony in its essence. Through it we always firstly honor the fact that someone was a part of our life (either through marriage, serious or not really serious relationship, for shorter or longer time). Then we thank Mother Earth for making this experience possible for us, and for being the sacred witness of our encounter.

After that, we transform that relationship, connection or a marriage with the help of our allies, and we withdraw all of our permissions we had given consciously and unconsciously. From that moment forward, that person or those people no longer have access to our energy field. We are both safe, each in our own sacred space. We are free in love.

Our physical, emotional and psychological needs towards that person transform into pure unconditional love of one human being to another with full respect.

We do this ceremony for all of our partners, one by one, to liberate ourselves on all levels - psychological, emotional, physical and energetic.

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