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Something new

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Something new is always surprising because it doesn’t fit into anything we’ve experienced before. To taste something new, we need to deconstruct, let go, disassemble, break into pieces all that was before. We need to be with the emptiness in front of us, to taste its fullness. We need to be with an empty canvas, with an empty notebook, with an empty head, and sometimes with empty pockets.

Just as a deer completely sheds its antlers so that it can grow even bigger, stronger and more beautiful ones, or just as a snake sheds all its skin at once so that new one can grow, so we humans need to let go of everything that no longer serves us, all the skin which has become too tight for us to be able to grow new one, to be able to free ourselves from the past and open up to what we are just becoming, in the future.

Releasing the past means releasing our own tragic and dramatic stories, as well as the stories and fates of our ancestors. As long as we are informed by what was in the past, statistics tell us that our future is not very promising. But when we take it all off, cleanse our energy field, and begin to inform ourselves of what we are yet to become in the future, statistics, genes, and the past no longer seem to have any impact on us.

BEYOND is one example of my own surrender into the mystery and creation with a view into the future. For it to come to life, I went through my own process of transforming and letting go of everything that was before, all at once, over a period of several weeks.

Once the call comes, the first test of our seriousness and willingness to respond to that call, the call of the spirit, is a test of how much we are willing to change and transform in a short period of time. There are no negotiations. We can't change something this month, and then something else in three months. No! Everything goes at once. We cannot play "safe" and live a fearless life.

We shed all the skin or whole antlers to stay with the emptiness. After that, we begin to build a new reality, which we deconstruct again after a while, and and continue the process indefinitely. We create and are created day by day until we become a mystery to ourselves and everyone around us.

When in the morning we do not know who or what we are, we know that we are on the right path, on a path where we are not defined by our education, our race, religion, family history, our titles and diplomas, our experiences and beliefs, our trauma, childhood, relationships….

When someone tells us, "Well, I don't know who you are anymore," or "I don't recognize you anymore," or "You disappointed me," we know we're on the right track, on our own epic journey of surrendering into the unknown and letting go of everything we identify ourselves with or others identify us and put us in “boxes” or give us labels. By the time others realize what and who we are, we have already changed our skin or antlers and become someone new.

Then we can become what we dream of, what is the mission of our soul, and we can create a completely different and more promising future for us as individuals, but also for the whole planet and for all generations to come after us.



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