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Awakening the Healer within

It was believed for a long time that we cannot heal ourselves, our families and communities. That it has to be someone from the “outside”. This belief existed and still exists in many healing traditions and cultures, as well as in Western helping and healing professions. And that was true before, but it is no longer valid. Many healers heal others but they are not able to heal and help themselves and their families. 

Due to the biological limitations and constraints of humanity this really was not possible, and in many cases it was even dangerous to do so, such as in emergencies or when something emotional happened. 

With the beginning of the new times, the new great cycle of time that started in 2012, a new program was activated on the planet, and humans have been able to awaken our crystal consciousness that goes beyond our biological limitations ever since. 

With these new codes, with the new crystal network getting activated around the planet, the whole paradigm is shifting. We no longer need external help to heal, because it was not working anyway. Instead, we are called to awaken our inner healer, to recover and remember that inborn ability to regenerate, to always be well - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It is actually the first step for anyone who is called to any kind of healing profession - either in mainstream or alternative ways. We are called to start the healing journey within ourselves first. Because we cannot give to others what we don’t have. We cannot help others if we cannot help ourselves.

Once we heal ourselves, and awaken our inner healer, the next step is family - biological and spiritual family. We need to hold space for everyone in our closest circle to heal, by helping them remember their inner ability to heal themselves. We cannot really heal anyone else, we can only support them in their own journey. Healing is just a consequence, an outcome of the journey of transformation. When we transform low-frequency energies into high-frequency energies, we liberate ourselves and others from hard processes, emotions, experiences, pains, and healing happens naturally. That is what we do when we are holding space for people around us - we transform low-frequency into high-frequency with our presence and with the backup and support of our spiritual allies. The rest happens naturally.

When we complete that step, we are ready to hold space for the whole community to remember how to self-heal as well. And then the whole global community.

When we awake our inner healer, and remember our inborn capacity to heal ourselves naturally, we can no longer be victims of circumstances, or our past, of what we experienced in our families, of what our parents did to us, of society, of medical practices, of all kinds of things that often enable individuals to put ourselves in the position of a victim. When we are in that position, we always need someone to blame for our situation, and we seek for saviors based on what we believed happened to us, based on the story we tell to ourselves about our situation. We are dis-empowered. 

Once the inner healer is awakened, we no longer have any excuses because we understand that we are the only ones who can transform what is inside and outside of us and consequently heal ourselves, and it is our responsibility to do so. 

And we will no longer run to others to save us, to heal us. Because they cannot do it anyway. They can only temporarily eliminate the symptoms and turn us into loyal clients who keep on coming for more. It applies for both - mainstream and alternative approaches which are both equally inadequate.

Think of it in this way - you go to a mechanic because of a specific problem with your car. He says it is fixed and you pay. Then one week later, the same issue pops up again. You go to the mechanic again, he says it is fixed, and you pay for it. Then it happens for the third time, and you go again, this time already a little bit suspicious, but he reassures you it is fixed for sure now. But then the same repeats again. At this point most people decide to fire that mechanic, to never use their service again. 

Why do we then constantly pay for services for treating our own physical, emotional and psychological bodies, our soul and our spirit that are not healing us at all? Both in mainstream and general and “alternative” healing and helping professions. The same pattern is very much alive across many fields, and there are so many "healers" who use fear and other emotional or psychological tools manipulate and to keep clients loyal to them, to come back for more.

Recently I heard someone say, “When I go to get treated by that XY person once a week / once a month, I feel good. When I don’t go I feel terrible*. My comment was “That’s exactly why you need to stop going there, it is not serving you, it is only turning you into a dependent client who is paying a lot of money for a temporary release. It is not helping you heal, it is actually preventing you from healing yourself. The longer you seek out for external help, the longer your issues will last”. All issues that are present in our life have a purpose - to awaken our inner wisdom and ability to heal ourselves.  

The same way I would not go to a mechanic more than 2 times in a row with the same repeating failure, I would also not go to someone and allow them to get into my energetic and physical space for a temporary release. Most people don’t even realize that they are being manipulated for profit. And most of the professionals also don’t realize that they are doing it. Many are doing it consciously, but many are totally unaware of the damage they are doing because they are running on a default program of believing that one cannot heal themselves. By trying to help people, they attract even more difficult processes in the lives of their clients, as well as in their own lives. 

We are the only ones who can heal ourselves. Someone can hold space for us, hold space to transform low-frequency energies into high-frequency and liberate heavy processes, it is only us who can heal ourselves. And then healing happens very fast, even overnight. Cancer disappears, our relationships transform, money manifests, support comes, etc.

Our biggest issue is actually an opportunity to initiate ourselves on the self-healing journey. In that way we embody that unique wisdom and heal everything inside of us and around us without doing anything special. It is enough just to be.



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