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Munay-Ki initiations

Holding Hands
Healer's Rite Initiation

The initiation of healers connects us to the ancient line of light healers who help us in our personal transformation, be the power of healing by which we affect everything we touch. To be helpful to others we must learn from our own experience how to transform our wounds into sources of wisdom and compassion. This line accompanies us on our own journey of healing towards harmony and well-being.

Liquid Drop
Bands of Power Initiation

Power belts are energy belts intertwined around the body that contain the core of every element - earth, water, fire, air and ether. These belts strengthen our connection with nature and act as filters that break down negative and heavy energies and protect us on a physical and psychological level - so we can be more present and available for life instead of living squeezed into fear, doubt and worry.

Black belt - the first belt that is intertwined with the element of earth and is black like humus, like the most fertile land. Once activated, it flows downwards, towards the legs and protects the lower parts of the body.

Red belt - another belt that is intertwined with the element of water. It is red because our blood is our water, and water is the blood of our mother Earth

Golden belt - the third belt that is intertwined with the element of fire. It is located at chest level and around the shoulders.

Silver belt - the fourth belt that is intertwined with the element of air. It's around the neck.

Spiritual belt - the fifth belt that is intertwined with the element of ether and with light around the head.

Blue Hummingbird
Harmony Rite Initiation

This initiation connects us with spiritual animals - snake, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle that reset our instincts so that we can maintain physical and emotional integrity. Eg they warn us about relationships with people at the right time in the right place. This initiation also connects us to the guardians of the three mystical worlds - the Upper, Middle and Lower - these guardians guide our evolution, encourage us to heal our past and lead us to a healthy and favorable future.

Through initiation we receive the archetypes of spiritual animals and guardians of mystical worlds. We define archetypes in this program as the primordial consciousness of nature that contain qualities and therefore have a personality that is associated with face and form in human consciousness. We receive each of the archetypes, ie we “install” it in one of the energy centers in the body in the form of seeds.

The archetypes we connect with through initiation

The serpent is the archetype of healers in different cultures. It teaches us how to discard our history the way she discards her old skin so that a new one can grow. The serpent represents the primary life force, the one that rests deep in our being and knows the way back to the Garden, to the place of innocence. It reminds us how to walk filled with beauty on the belly of Mother Earth.  

The jaguar is a big cat that is the guardian of the life force of the jungle. It strengthens our instincts. Being at the top of the food chain teaches us to have confidence in life and to be fearless. Jaguars can see in the dark and lead us to explore our inner demons to overcome our neuroses and traumas. Jaguar knows the way across the rainbow bridge to dimensions beyond death - so it invites us to live with courage.


The hummingbird is a small bird that has the ability to fly thousands of kilometers in search of warmth, flowers and nectar, thus achieving the impossible. Kolibrić gives us the courage to say YES to our vocation and passion - what enriches our soul, but also adds value to the lives of others.

The eagle is a bird that nests in high places maintaining a view of the wide landscape as well as details with its sharp eyesight. At that level there are no obstacles, just opportunities to hover more, to see with even more wisdom. This archetype pushes us out of the nest to learn to fly wing to wing with a ghost.

The archetype of the Guardian of the Underworld is the ruler of life and death, the one who renews the world and harmonizes the Underworld - a chaotic dark place that contains all its creative potential.


The archetype of the Guardian of the Middle World is the guardian of the dawn, the one who brings the day and the morning star. It organizes our relationship with the middle world. Once we enter into a relationship with the guardian of the middle world, we no longer have to manage our lives.

The archetype of the Guardian of the Upper World is the organizational principle of the Upper World, one that steps beyond the confines of linear time, stops time, and establishes a paradise order. Establishing a relationship with the Guardian of the Upper World allows us to recognize and embrace our destiny.

Vasculature of the Heart
Seer's Rite Initiation

This initiation establishes neural connections between the visual cortex, the third eye, and the heart. In this way, our ability to perceive subtle energies is awakened along with the ability to look at the world through the eyes of love and compassion. We open ourselves to the ability to look beyond what is visible on the surface and develop the ability to look into more subtle dimensions, into the invisible.

Day Keeper's Rite Initiation

This initiation connects us with a line of women and male healers who bring health and harmony to the community by activating and nourishing their altars. They pay homage and balance the elements of earth, water, wind, fire and space with their prayers and intentions so that life can flow in harmony. This line raises awareness of the delicate and receptive qualities of life, heals and strengthens our relationship with the feminine principle. It brings us into harmony with the Earth and empowers us to step beyond fear and practice peace. We open ourselves to nurturing reciprocity with all the living world around us and learn how to gift the Earth with love to continue to nourish and nurture us. We become part of a line with an awakened heart, sight, and the ability to manifest that contributes to all equally, not just individuals who want to rise above all. This line invites us to build a horizontal society, a society in which everyone is equal - we are all bones and minerals, we have a body that ages with time, we are all equally vulnerable, and on the other hand we have equal opportunities  living our infinite nature. The only difference is in the duration of how much someone has spent on a particular trip and how much they have progressed and become wiser.

WIsdom Keeper's Rite Initiation

The wisdom of this line is not in gathering information in our heads like computers. The guardian of wisdom knows how to have a dialogue with nature and understands in his heart the energy that drives the cycles and rhythms of nature. The guardians of wisdom are known for their ability to summon lightning and for their intimate connection with the mountains. They help us heal our relationship with the masculine principle. A guardian of wisdom is a person who knows how to receive messages from the mountains because they are able to maintain a dialogue with them. When we connect with the mountains, we connect with much larger life cycles. The more wisdom we receive from the mountains, the more opportunities we have to live in even greater connection with the wider web of life, and with that comes greater responsibility.

Earth Keeper's Rite Initiation

This line of women and men has a true and broad vision of the meaning of life on Earth. They do not manage a large number of theories and scientific data on the evolution of the species, but look at life through the perspective of the consciousness of the sun and the stars that illuminate us. They are recognized as masters who communicate with the stars and digest this knowledge in order to pass it on to people in a soft, discreet and digestible way. The guardian of the Earth is the one who remembers how to talk to the Earth as a living being, with everything that exists on it. He has a view of the Earth from space and can see it as a living being, with beats. He also sees that the Earth is our Mother who allows us this experience embodied in a body that is intertwined with the elements that it provides us - we are the earth, water, fire, air, minerals .... The guardian of the Earth can read her voice, hear her needs and ensure that we remain in balance with all beings. He sees the intertwining and interconnectedness of absolutely everything that exists, he sees with clarity and feels with an open heart. It moves away from its own ego and turns into a “we” perception because it acts in the context of what is needed for everyone in the world. The Guardians of the Earth are humble people who do not inflate their importance and have no need to impress anyone with their importance. They are just the opposite - well grounded in their human nature, and at the same time aware of the infinity of existence.

Star Formation
The Rite of the Times to Come Initiation

This initiation awakens in us an understanding of our possible future, warns us of dangers and opportunities, of horrors as well as of beauty. It is the consciousness of a person who not only looks to the future from a distance, but also actively participates in change. It helps us anchor ourselves in the future to get through the times of great change we find ourselves in. This initiation opens the door to conscious participation in the evolution of humanity. All of humanity has to go through the eye of a needle to come out on the other side transformed. We can only take our essence with us. This initiation helps us to be as close as possible to the eye of the storm where it is calmest, instead of being on its edges where the most destructive winds blow. This initiation awakens in us the nature of the stars, helps us to free ourselves from time and to be informed about what we will become in the future. This energy permeates our entire energy field, and creates a whole new physical body that heals, ages and dies differently.

Sunset Martial Arts
The initiation of the Maker (eng. Creator's Rite)

This initiation encourages us to discover our infinite nature that is not separate from the creative source and all of creation. We learn to be one with everything that exists. It makes us aware of our power of manifestation and teaches us how to dream and create the world we want to leave as a legacy to our children’s children. We learn that creation is not just a privilege but a responsibility and invites us to create with love and courage.

Initiation Uterine (eng. Rite of the Womb)
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It connects us to a line of women who have freed themselves from pain and suffering to step into creation with beauty and elegance. This line of women wants us to remember that "the womb is not a space for fear and pain, the womb is a space for the creation and birth of life." The womb should be a clean ship for generations to come. This initiation brings as much personal well-being as it serves every woman in our lives - mother, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues, as well as for Mother Earth. Men also participate in this initiation as witnesses and as those who also came from the womb. They hold space for all women in the ceremony and in their lives to be able to pass on a new and different life to generations to come.

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