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Sun, Mar 20


Online ceremony

Ritual of the Womb - ceremony and initiation | FREE | 20.3.

There is a line of women who want us to remember that the womb is not a place to store fear and pain, but a place to create and give birth to a new life.

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Ritual of the Womb - ceremony and initiation | FREE | 20.3.
Ritual of the Womb - ceremony and initiation | FREE | 20.3.

Vrijeme & Lokacija

Mar 20, 2022, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM GMT+1

Online ceremony


O programu

The Ritual of the Womb is an experiential ceremony and circle of women in which we hold space for each other to stand in the line of women who have freed themselves from pain and suffering, and stepped into beauty, power and elegance.

This initiation is the seed we plant in our womb to: free ourselves from pain and suffering; stepped into beauty, power and elegance; discovered their inner wild, sensual and erotic being; connected with the Universal and own creative force; associated with the archetype of the Wild Woman who lives life realizing her creative potential; built a community of Guardians of the Wisdom of the Womb.

The ceremony serves equally for each participant individually, as well as for all the women in our lives - mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, colleagues, as well as for Mother Earth.

It is enough to attend one ceremony, after which it is recommended   to nurture the seeds of initiation for the coming 13 months during the full moon, with brief instructions from the workshop leader. It is also possible to attend multiple ceremonies and receive initiation multiple times, as long as there is an inner need. Everyone chooses their pace based on  gut feeling. Each ceremony lasts approximately two hours.

Initiation can be received by all women - with a cycle, without a cycle, in menopause, without a uterus and girls who have not yet had their period.

Men are also welcome in the ceremony, although they cannot receive initiation or pass it on, but they are just as important in the ceremony as women.  Men also come from their mother's Womb. With their presence   they witness the process and hold a space for healing the pain and suffering that women   carry in order to be able to pass on a new and different life.  Men, by their presence, put themselves at the service of women, at the service of life.

The ceremonies are led by Marcela Velfl with the encouragement and blessing of her teacher Marcela Lobos, who received the initiation from a line of women of the Amazon jungle itself   who guided her in every step of the birth of this initiation and its spread throughout the world.

It is also possible to participate in the online ceremony, which you indicate in the application.

What to wear?

A combination of red and white would be ideal, but it is not necessary. If you want, you can also wear something that you don't wear every day, so that through clothes we can symbolically make a transition between everyday life and the ceremony.

How to prepare?

Reserve 2 hours just for yourself, in silence. 

If desired, prepare a candle, several shells, red flowers, any objects from nature that are important to you.

Prepare something (hot) to drink.

It would be ideal to connect through a computer for simplicity, but it is not mandatory. It is important that everyone can turn on the camera and that we can see and hear each other.

Participation in the ceremony is free for everyone.


  • Ritual of the Womb

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